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Current Drawing Value


11/10 Results: K♣️ (See full board below)
*Rules located at bottom of page*

Next Drawing Date: 11/17 @ 6PM
Drawing live on Facebook Page @ClubhouseNo3


The game “Queen of Hearts” is a game of chance where a successful player wins the money held in a Jackpot

The game begins with a player buying one or more tickets for $1.00 each. The tickets sold during any given week will all be placed in the ticket return bin. Each week, at the time and place shown on the schedule, one ticket will be drawn from the tumbler. On the drawing day, one ticket will be drawn and a winning name will be read off – the number chosen by the participant (1-54) will then correspond to a sealed deck of cards on a prepackaged / sealed Queen of Hearts game board.

If the Queen of Hearts is drawn, the Jackpot will be paid out as described in the Rules. If not, the game continues until the Queen of Hearts is drawn.


In addition, there are smaller prizes if the player does not draw the Queen of Hearts but draws the queen of diamonds, clubs, or spades or one of the two jokers. In that case, a smaller amount is paid to the successful player, and the game continues to the next week.


If the roll-over pot is less than $1,000 Clubhouse No.3 will add $500 to the pot to start.

Review The “Official Rules” Below For a Description in More Detail On The Method of Play.





Players Must patronize Clubhouse No.3 SportSocial location and be 18 years of age or older​ in order to purchase Queen of Hearts tickets - Patronizing includes making a purchase (drinks, game rental, merchandise, etc…) in order to buy tickets at time of visit.

• When patronizing, purchaser may buy as many tickets as available on that visit.
• You can only purchase tickets for yourself.
• Subject to state / federal gambling tax laws

• If any of these rules are broken, we have the right to void winner and will result in another drawing.


The purchased ticket must include:
1. First and Last Name (legal name, no nicknames or alias)
2. Phone Number
3. Ticket Number (1-54)
*If you do not have all of this information on our ticket, it will be voided*



• Drawings will be every Friday between 12-2pm broadcasted live on our Facebook live @ClubhouseNo3. Winners do not need be present to win. If there is a holiday or scheduling conflicts, we may hold the drawing on a different day.
• Winner(s) will be notified by a phone call




Queen of Hearts 90% of pot (10% held to start next game)
• Any other Queen (Spades, Clubs, Diamonds) will pay $250.00
• Each Joker will pay $100.00
Any other card drawn that is not a pay card above will receive $50 for having their ticket pulled.

*Pots and card payouts subject to change at beginning of new game based on pot size.


⦁ Clubhouse No.3 will be drawing 1 winner per draw until the Queen of hearts is drawn.

⦁ $1.00 per Ticket
⦁ Ticket sales stop at the close of business on Thursday's in order to have time to total up the pot before the drawing time Friday morning.

*Clubhouse No.3 Queen of Hearts reserves the right to give away more than these amounts to the weekly winner to keep pot size down/maintainable to continue to operate smoothly*

⦁ There will be 1 ticket pulled in which that ticket reveals a card. If there are bonus tickets, those tickets have the chance to win monetary prizes, gift cards to Clubhouse No.3.

You do not be present to win. You will be called to be told when and where to pick up your winnings.

⦁ Do not bend or fold tickets. Any bent or folded tickets will be voided and thrown away prior to the drawing.

⦁We will make multiple attempts to call the phone number listed on the ticket. If the prize isn’t claimed within 90 days, the prize will be put back in the pot.

• Depending on pot size, we hold the right to have side draws during the weekly live drawing. This may not be every week and we have the right to choose when and how many side tickets we will pull. This is strictly to help us manage the pot better and continue to operate business smoothly.

- If the Queen of Hearts is not picked on the day of the drawing, all tickets that were purchased in the week prior are dumped out. To have a chance to win each week, you need to purchase tickets weekly.

*Clubhouse No.3 Queen of Hearts reserves the right to change the rules of this game. Any rule changes will be posted prior to weekly drawing*

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