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Dart Leagues

Steel tip interactive Darts - Pick your league below!

Dart Leagues have become a popular pastime and a competitive sport for enthusiasts worldwide. Two of the most common games played are 301, 501 and Cricket, offering thrilling gameplay and opportunities for players to showcase their skills. 

Clubhouse No.3 will be running leagues using these games. Players will be able to play in singles leagues, doubles leagues, and even blind draw doubles leagues. 

Check out the leagues below to find the right one for you, then sign up here!

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Monday League

301 - 6 games

Jan. 15th - March 18th (10 weeks) 6:30pm

$10 / night - Singles put into teams! New partner each night. Play as a team and play another team in 3 games of 301 then switch and play 3 more!

Doubles (Wednesday)

Cricket  - 4 games

$10 / night (Jan. 17th - March 27th) 6:30pm

Cricket Night w/Partners! Team up with a partner and play games of cricket against another team! 4 games a night! Switching after 2 games.

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